Understanding the staging of colon cancer

Colon cancer is a deadly disease, but understanding its staging can help patients and doctors make decisions regarding its treatment and prognosis. Staging refers to the process of determining the spread of cancer within one’s body. Let’s delve into the various stages of colon cancer, as discussed by the best oncologist in Kolkata.

Staging Of Colon Cancer: Explained by a cancer doctor 

Find out below how colon cancer is staged: 

  • Stage 0: At this initial stage, cancerous cells are limited to the innermost layer of the colon or rectum lining, known as the mucosa. This stage is often referred to as carcinoma in situ, indicating that the cancer has not reached the deeper layers of tissue or spread to the nearby lymph nodes or distant organs.
  • Stage 1: In stage I colon cancer, the tumour penetrates through the mucosa and invades the submucosa, the layer of tissue beneath the mucosa. However, it has not spread beyond the colon wall or invaded the nearby lymph nodes. The prognosis for stage I colon cancer is generally favourable, with a high chance of cure.
  • Stage 2: As per the best oncologist in Kolkata, stage II colon cancer refers to the invasion of cancer cells into the muscular layer of the colon wall. In this stage, the cancer does not spread to the nearby lymph nodes or distant organs. In some cases, adjuvant chemotherapy may be recommended based on certain risk factors. Prognosis varies depending on factors such as tumour size and grade.
  • Stage 3: At this advanced stage, colon cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes but has not metastasized to distant organs. Adjuvant chemotherapy helps target cancer cells and reduce the risk of recurrence.
  • Stage 4: Stage IV colon cancer represents the most advanced and challenging stage of the disease, where cancer has metastasized to distant organs like the liver, lungs or other parts of the body. Treatment for stage IV colon cancer involves a combination of chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy aimed at controlling the spread of cancer, relieving symptoms and improving quality of life.

By working closely with the best oncologist in Kolkata, patients can work towards improving their treatment outcomes. This will maximize the chances of long-term survival and help enhance their well-being.