Regular breast pain, which is also known as mastalgia, is experienced by several females, whereas, on the other hand, breast cancer pain is a less common sign of breast cancer. The top breast cancer doctor in Kolkata explains how regular breast pain and breast cancer pain differ from each other.

Regular breast pain vs breast cancer pain.

Regular breast pain is usually related to hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. This kind of pain is associated with an ache or heaviness in the breasts and is often felt in both breasts.

Breast cancer pain is typically sharp and localised to a specific region of the breast. This kind of pain is normally accompanied by other signs like a lump or thickening in the breast. Moreover, it also tends to change the size or shape of the breast.

Symptoms of regular breast pain

The signs of regular breast pain are as follows:

  • Stabbing pain in the breasts.
  • The breasts appear to be swollen.
  • Pain that worsens at the time of menstruation.
  • Pain that radiates to the armpit.
  • Nipples that seem to be extra sensitive.
  • Certain activities or movements that cause discomfort and agony.
  • Redness or lumps in the breast tissue.
  • Persistent pain that seems to get worse over a period of time.

Symptoms of breast cancer pain

The following are signs of breast cancer pain:

  • A persistent and throbbing pain in the breast or armpit.
  • Discomfort in the chest region, which worsens with pressure or movement.
  • A burning feeling in the breast or nipple.
  • Changes in the appearance of the breast.
  • Occurrence of a rash.
  • Painful lumps in the breast.
  • Discharge from the nipples

The best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata points out the causes behind regular breast pain and breast cancer pain.

Causes of regular breast pain

There are several causes of regular breast pain, including the following:

  • Fluid-filled sacs, known as breast cysts, cause pain and tenderness in the breast tissue.
  • Trauma to the breast caused by an injury or accident.
  • An infection in the breast tissue, like mastitis or abscesses, results in redness and swelling.
  • If there are issues with milk ducts, breastfeeding may be a bit painful.
  • Wearing bras that are too tight
  • An inflammation of the cartilage, which connects the breastbone to the ribs.
  • Emotional stress

Causes of breast cancer pain

The potential causes of pain associated with breast cancer are as follows:

  • Discomfort is caused due to the growth of a tumour.
  • Inflammation is caused because of the presence of cancer cells. 
  • Damaged nerves.


To conclude, while regular breast pain is usually harmless, breast cancer pain is a red-flag symptom. Females who experience persistent or unexplained breast pain should undergo a medical check-up to rule out any serious underlying causes, including breast cancer. It is vital to communicate any pain or discomfort with a breast cancer doctor in Kolkata to manage and alleviate symptoms by various treatments and medications.