Breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms in the cells of the breast tissue, affecting women all over the world/ Early detection through screening and prompt medical intervention is necessary for effective treatment and improved prognosis. The best breast cancer doctor in Kolkata, Dr. Tanmoy Mandal, discusses five lesser-known yet intriguing facts about breast cancer. 

Read on to learn more about five less-known facts about breast cancer:

  1. Breast Cancer Affects Both Genders: Contrary to popular belief, breast cancer can affect men too. While it’s more prevalent in women, men can also develop breast cancer, although it’s rare. On understanding this fact, one can easily emphasize on the importance of awareness and early detection for everyone regardless of gender.
  2. Genetic factors are not the sole reason: While having a family history of breast cancer increases one’s risk, most cases of breast cancer occur in women with no genetic history. Many factors, including lifestyle choices, environmental factors and various genetic mutations, contribute to the development of breast cancer. Thus, regardless of family history, regular screenings and self-examinations are crucial for everyone.
  3. Breast Cancer isn’t always detected through lumps: While breast lumps are a common sign of breast cancer, not all types of breast cancers represent lumps. There are several other symptoms, such as changes in breast size or shape, discharge from nipples (other than breast milk) and changes in the breast skin. Consulting a breast cancer doctor in Kolkata is imperative for timely diagnosis and appropriate management.
  4. Breast cancer subtypes have different characteristics: Breast cancer is not a single disease but rather a group of diseases with distinct characteristics. There are subtypes, including hormone receptor-positive, HER2-positive and triple-negative breast cancer, that require different treatment procedures.
  5. Lifestyle choices can impact breast cancer risk: Lifestyle choices also influence breast cancer risk. Multiple factors such as maintaining a healthy weight, staying physically active, limiting alcohol consumption and avoiding smoking can decrease the risk of breast cancer development in both women and men. Educating oneself about controllable risk factors enables individuals to take proactive measures in preventing breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a prevalent health concern globally, demanding continuous attention and awareness. By understanding these lesser-known facts, individuals can become more informed about breast cancer and take necessary steps towards early detection and prompt treatment. The most trusted breast cancer doctor in Kolkata, Dr. Tanmoy Mandal, recommends patients, who have breast cancer to seek guidance immediately, get an appropriate diagnosis and necessary treatment to significantly improve their journey towards better health and maintain their overall well-being.